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Best Compression Socks Available Online

Best Compression Socks For Women And Men

best compression socks

What are compression socks? If you haven’t heard of them before you are likely to have noticed them being worn by athletes, marathon runners, and people taking part in sports competitions. A compression sock looks like an ordinary sock, although they can typically be longer in length, almost reaching the knees. If you’re ready to select the best compression socks for you, scroll further down the page for our comparison table.

What do compression socks do for your feet? It is surprising how versatile these type of socks are. Do your feet and legs ache due to tiredness and excessive periods of time without rest? Socks with compression can help. Are you a participant in competitive sports who must travel a lot? Sports compression socks for travel can help. Taking a flight soon, and want to maintain optimal blood circulation and prevent it from pooling? Try compression socks for flying! Running a marathon and need an extra boost to your muscle recovery? Read our post about the best compression socks for runners.

Compression socks benefits include the promotion of blood flow in the lower limbs. This is one of the most significant benefits of compression socks, since it allows your blood to circulate more efficiently whilst you are taking part in physical activities, or even sitting still on a journey. So how does this work? Like all compression garments, the material used to create these socks has a specific design to allow it to squeeze your muscles. If you have never worn a compression sock, you may be surprised at the force of compression they can apply to your feet and lower limbs. The pressure on your feet should be firm, especially at the ankles. It is this pressure that helps blood to pump around your body towards your heart, allowing for efficient oxygen flow to your muscles and improved functioning and recovery. The tightness of the garment also ensures that your lower limb muscles are offered extra support.

Furthermore, these socks can protect your legs and feet from small scrapes and cuts, which is useful for runners in particular. Another reason these socks have become popular is the fact that they can reduce muscle soreness. For many people who suffer from sore lower limbs and muscular pain, these socks may provide much comfort and relief. For example, there are a number of socks designed for nurses who are on their feet for lengthy periods of time. Read our post about the best nursing compression socks. These socks would also be suitable for many people who have lower limb muscular aches and sore feet. There are also travel compression socks for long flights and journeys.

Do compression socks work? Yes! Of all compression garment types, these socks have the most scientific research supporting their effectiveness in muscle stabilization and reducing muscle soreness. They have long been known to improve blood circulation. Socks with graduated compression in particular are most effective, which feel tightest at the ankles. To read more about the scientific evidence in support of compression garments, please read our guide to compression clothing. If you believe that these socks may help to alleviate a medical condition or any health issue, you must consult a healthcare professional first.

Need to know where to buy compression socks? If you are searching for a pair of compression socks, they are widely available in store or online. They are the most common type of compression garment. Some of the stores include your local CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, Nordstrom, and most major sporting goods retail stores. If this is your first pair of compression socks, trying a pair from a local store is recommended. These socks fit firmly to apply the necessary pressure to compress your feet. If you have the correct size for your feet, the socks should feel tight when worn without being uncomfortable.

If you have not yet found the perfect pair of compression socks for your feet, there is a large selection available online in all styles. If you are looking for the highest quality graduated compression athletic socks, for example, a runner or a participant in competitive sports, searching online may be the best option. These type of compression socks may be harder to find in store currently.

We have recommended a number of socks below. Some of the most well-known compression gear brands include, SKINS, 2XU, CEP, Tommie Copper, Zensah, and CW-X. Most of these brands offer highly rated graduated compression socks.

What should I consider when deciding which pair of compression socks are best for me?

You should look out for the following when making a purchasing decision regarding these type of socks:

  • Correct size and fitting – Pay attention to compression sock sizing charts if available. Depending on the manufacturer, sizes may also vary between men and women. Compression type socks should fit tightly, hugging your skin around your feet, ankles, and calf muscles and providing a considerable compressing or squeezing force. If you have the correct size, these socks should be worn without feeling any discomfort.
  • Graduated socks – Keep an eye out for socks labelled as “graduated.” These types of socks provide the most effective compression, since they feel tightest at your ankles to transport blood up your legs to your heart.
  • Padded socks – If you are looking for more comfortable socks, some socks will have extra padding at the base of your foot.
  • Heat retaining and cooling properties – Most of these types of socks will keep your feet warm. There are some types of socks that have wicking fabric that will transport sweat away from your skin and keep you dry, which is a necessity during the summer.
  • Length of socks – This is an important consideration since long compression socks that end just below your knees may offer improved calf muscle recovery and blood circulation
  • Styles and colors – Please be aware that most of the socks recommended below are available in many styles and colors.

What Are The Best Compression Socks For Women and Men?

Compression Wearables has found the most highly rated compression socks for women and men, and listed them below for comparison. These socks will cover most needs and many are unisex with different colors available.

  • Best all round compression socks for women? Try these:
  • Sockwell Women's Circulator Moderate (15-20mmHg) Graduated Compression Socks
  • Women's socks
  • Multiple styles and colors available
  • Best all round unisex compression socks for nurses? Try these:
  • Compression Socks (1 Pair) 20-30mmHg Graduated (Men & Women) - Suits Nurses
  • Unisex socks
  • Multiple styles and colors available
  • Best value unisex compression socks for sports? Try these:
  • MoJo Recovery & Performance Sports Compression Socks
  • Unisex socks
  • Multiple styles and colors available
  • Best recovery socks with compression for men? Try these:
  • 2XU Men's Recovery Compression Socks
  • Men's socks
  • Multiple styles and colors available
  • Best ankle socks/foot sleeves for Plantar Fasciitis? Try these:
  • Foot Sleeves (1 Pair) Best Plantar Fasciitis Compression for Men & Women - Heel Arch Support/ Ankle Sock
  • Unisex socks
  • Multiple styles and colors available



TopĀ Compression Socks Review

We’ve gone into more detail and reviewed the pros and cons of every pair of socks listed in the table above:
1. PrimeCompression’s Everyday (5-10mmHg) Graduated Compression Socks Review

-Offers an average level of graduated compression at 5-10mmHg for those who are on there feet for 10+ hours a day
-CanĀ help to stay on your feet longer during the day by reducing swelling in your feet.
-Material is breathable so your feet do not overheat.

-Only comes in black


2. Sockwell Women’s Circulator Moderate (15-20mmHg) Graduated Compression Socks Review

-Offers an average level of graduated compression at 15-20mmHg for a more comfortable wear on a regular basis
-Can help to reduce swelling
-Visually appealing and stylish with many color options
-Can be worn comfortably without your feet feeling overly hot.

-Some people have complained that the color dye of the socks wears off too easily.


3. Compressionz Compression Socks (1 Pair) 20-30mmHg Graduated Review

-Full graduated compression at 20-30mmHG means that your legs are well compressed and supported
-Tight fit but can be worn comfortably
-Odor-eliminating fabric seems to prevent smelly feet!

-May run slightly short in length for some people
-Tight compression may cause the inner fabric pattern to mark your legs


4. MoJo Recovery & Performance Sports Compression Socks Review

-Strong compression that can help legs to recover following physical activity
-Breathable fabric that helps to eliminate odors
-Good support to the feet and calves

-May run slightly small for some people


5. 2XU Men’s Recovery Compression Socks Review

-High quality sock with adequate compression that feels comfortable on your feet
-Suitable for leg muscle recovery following physical activities
-Noticeable reduction in muscle soreness

-High cost in comparison to other compression socks


6. CompressionZ Foot Sleeves (1 Pair) Best Plantar Fasciitis Compression for Men & Women – Heel Arch Support/ Ankle Sock Review

-Can relieve plantar fasciitis
-Noticeable reduces foot pain
-Can be worn long term without slipping or sock movement

-May run slightly tight/small for some people

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