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Best Compression Shirts for Men and Women

best compression shirts

Compression shirts are becoming a more popular sportswear item, whether for use in the gym, during physical activity, or when performing in professional sports and other events. These shirts conform tightly to your body shape and press against your upper body areas, particularly your upper arm areas, shoulders, ribs, back and waist. This pressure provides additional support to the areas compressed by the shirt and stabilizes your muscles. Further benefits include upper body alignment, and improved posture, since the firmness of compression helps to maintain muscle placement.

Compression shirts are manufactured from a highly engineered material, usually a combination of Nylon, Lycra and Neoprene, which stretches to fit tightly around your skin. A compression shirt works by compressing your muscles, which helps to move blood around your body and transport more oxygen efficiently to your muscles.

One of the main advantages of wearing a compression top to weightlifters, runners, cyclists and other athletes is their effectiveness at reducing muscular fatigue and soreness, allowing for quicker recovery times. Furthermore, for athletes who have an upper body injury and must continue their training or workout routine, the pressure applied by a compression shirt may help to reduce soreness and excessive muscle movement, preventing further injury. If you intend to use any item of compression clothing for an injury or other health issue, please consult with a healthcare professional first.

Common features of compression shirts include, additional UV protection, moisture wicking properties to keep you dry and skin chafing prevention. A significant feature to consider regarding compression wear shirts is how effective they are at keeping your upper body cool in a warm environment, and maintaining warmth in colder surroundings.

A Compression type shirt can be worn alone, or as an undergarment with a regular athletic jersey or shirt over the top. They are available in many types and styles, including long sleeve, short sleeve and sleeveless or compression tank tops, which would be more useful in sports such as basketball. For a quick look at a unique shirt, check out the TITIN Force Weighted Compression Shirt System here.

Should you use a long sleeve or short sleeve compression shirt? The main difference between the two types is the fact that a long sleeve shirt will have an increased force of compression on your body overall compared to a short sleeve shirt, due to the extra length of engineered fabric on the arms and wrists. Another consideration is the fact that a short sleeve compression wear shirt would typically have sleeve ends between the center or end of your biceps and triceps, giving those muscles additional compression. If you require increased upper arm support, a short sleeve compression shirt may be the best choice. If you want your forearms to have extra protection and support, a long sleeve shirt may be the better option.

What is the best mens compression shirt?

Compression Wearables has found and listed the most highly rated compression tops below. Please note that a number of the shirts below are offered as either short or long sleeve shirts too:

  • Best all round shirt at a low cost? Try this:
  • Compression Shirt Short Sleeve Top - Best Running T-Shirt & Basketball Men's Tee
  • compression shirt
  • Best long sleeve top with compression? Try this:
  • 2XU Men's Compression Long Sleeve Top
  • 2xumecshirt
  • Best short sleeve shirt with compression? Try this:
  • SKINS Men's A400 Short Sleeve Top
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  • Need an alternative good quality long sleeve? Try this:
  • Under Armour Men's Sonic Compression Long Sleeve HeatGear



What are the best womens compression shirts?

  • Best all round women's shirt? Try this:
  • Under Armour Women's UA Tactical HeatGearĀ® Compression T
  • Best women's short sleeve shirt with compression? Try this:
  • 2XU Women's Elite Compression Short Sleeve Top
  • womens compression shirt
  • Best long sleeve compression shirt on a budget? Try this:
  • COOVY Sports ATHLETE Women Compression Under Base Layer Armour Long Sleeve Shirt
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  • Best shirt for recovery? Try this:
  • SKINS Women's Ry400 Recovery Long Sleeve Top