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Best Compression Shorts For Men And Women

best compression shortsCompression wear shorts are available for women, men and youth, and many athletes use them for muscle support to the hamstrings, quads and glutes. Generally they are available as either undergarments, or as outdoor wear for athletic performance. The main benefit of wearing this type of shorts are the improvements to muscle recovery following physical activity. They can reduce the time required to rest your muscles between workouts, allowing you to take part in physical activities sooner.

Compression Underwear

Is there such a thing as compression underwear? Yes, in that there are compression garments that are solely underwear and should be worn under another piece of clothing. They might also be called a base layer, which can be confusing since technically all compression shorts are base layers or skin-fitting clothing. Compression underwear will provide a tight and firm fit compared to regular athletic underwear and shorts. Compression undergarments may be made of a lighter material compared to outerwear shorts with compression fitting, but will not create as much compressive force or muscular support. They usually are available at a lower cost compared to regular outerwear compression shorts. If you are on a budget, read our post on where to find discount compression shorts. Compression undergarments are intended for use without wearing another form of underwear, and can be worn under loose fitting shorts or pants. Read our guide on how to wear compression shorts. All of the shorts listed in the tables below can be worn as either compression underwear or outerwear.

Compression Shorts Benefits and Features

Although these shorts compress your muscles, they are surprisingly comfortable and should stay in place when worn for long periods of time, so you can focus on your performance. Men will appreciate how these shorts will keep their genitals in place (no need for jock straps). Most compression gear is effective in reducing chafing and skin irritation. A good quality pair of these shorts can eliminate chafing of your skin between the thighs and groin area.

Athletic compression shorts are made of engineered fabric that fits firmly and compresses the muscles, improving blood flow.  The potential performance enhancements and comfort this material offers means that this type of shorts have an increased cost over regular shorts. When it comes to price, you certainly get what you pay for. Low cost compression undergarments and shorts are available, but the fabric type and seam work may not be of a high quality or offer a powerful compressive pressure like some of the high end models from brands such as Skins, 2XU and CW-X. What are the best compression shorts for running? Try a pair made by either 2XU or Skins. These brands have designed excellent running compression shorts, and their garments fit well and offer improved muscle recovery. Some of the top compression running shorts can be found in the comparison tables below.

As athletic apparel, these shorts can offer additional warmth, muscular support and skin protection. Some brands also have sweat wicking fabric. If it is hot outdoors, these type of shorts are ideal since they can transport sweat away from your body through the material, where it can evaporate. This helps to keep you dry. In addition, the material helps to keep your muscles warm for optimal performance, making them perfect for any outdoor environment.

Some of these products also have antimicrobial properties and odor resistance, whilst shorts with a cup are also available for men.  Even without the potential benefits to athletes of wearing compression undergarments and shorts, they are great for general underwear, offering comfort and support without skin chafing. Whether you are a professional athlete or novice, compression wear shorts are a valuable piece of athletic attire. Are you specifically looking for basketball compression gear? Read our guide to the best basketball compression shorts here.


What are the best men’s compression shorts?

Compression Wearables has conveniently found and listed the best compression shorts for men and women currently available according to customer reviews and comments. Most of these compression athletic shorts are outerwear (not requiring additional athletic wear), and there are a few compression undergarments. All products shown below can be found on, and are linked accordingly.

  • Skins A200 Men's Compression Half Tights
  • 2XU Men's Elite Compression Shorts
  • Under Armour Men's HG Long Comp Shorts

We’ve gone into more detail below about the pros and cons of the above men’s compression shorts:

1. Skins A200 Men’s Compression Half Tights

-High quality compression garment with strong compression
-Excellent sweat-wicking properties, keeping your legs dry and cool
-Comfortable fit that can be worn for longer periods of time
-Good support to the hamstrings and glutes

-White version is sheer and may require an additional item of clothing to worn over top
-Some people may find the fit slightly low on the waist

Alternatively, check out the SKINS Men’s A400 Compression Half Tights/Shorts here at


2. 2XU Men’s Elite Compression Shorts

-Well designed shorts that eliminate chafing when the correct size is worn
-Strong support to the quads and glutes
-Very comfortable fit
-Helps with leg muscle recovery

-May run a size large. Check manufacturer’s sizing charts to be sure

Alternatively, check out the 2XU Men’s Elite MCS Compression Shorts here at


3. Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Armour Compression Shorts – Long

-Low cost shorts with adequate compression
-Comfortable fabric and fit
-Good sweat-wicking properties

-May not be as long as described for taller people
-Should be used as compression underwear or a base layer, under another item of clothing.

Alternatively, check out the Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Armour Compression Shorts – Mid here at


What are the best women’s compression shorts?

You can find a few of the best compression shorts for women in the table below.

  • Best all round women's compression shorts? Try these:
  • Under Armour Women's Authentic 7" Compression
  • Alternative compression shorts? Try these:
  • Nike Women's 3" Compression Short
  • Best quality compression shorts? Try these:
  • 2XU Women's Compression Shorts

We’ve gone into more detail about the above women’s compression shorts:

1. Under Armour Women’s Authentic 7” Compression

-Adequate level of compression
-Do not ride up when worn
-Breathable fabric helps keep the legs cool
-Reasonably priced

-Interior seam may be slightly uncomfortable
-May run slightly small for some people

Alternatively, check out the Under Armour Women’s Authentic 4” Compression here at


2. Nike Womens 3″ Compression Short

-Removes sweat easily and keeps you dry
-Well fitted shorts that do not move when worn during workouts
-Snug fit that does not feel too tight

-May not suit people looking for tight compression garment shorts

Alternatively, check out the Nike Women’s Pro Cool 3″ Compression Shorts here at


3. 2XU Women’s Compression Shorts

-Stronger level of compression compared to other shorts mentioned above
-Very good support to the glutes and hamstrings
-Well designed to prevent skin chafing

-Higher price compared to other shorts

Alternatively, check out the 2XU Women’s Mid-Rise Athletic Compression Shorts here at

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